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The OVI lawyers at Quinn Legal Associates, INC, defend people charged with drunk driving in Cleveland and throughout Ohio. We will make sure that the charges are right, that the breath, blood or urine test you take is scientifically valid, and that the stop was proper. Our OVI / DUI attorneys will provide you with experienced and knowledgeable representation as you face OVI charges. If you have been arrested on a drunk driving charge, contact the OVI/DUI lawyers at Quinn Legal Associates, INC.

We protect Our clients' future by fighting for their rights!

People who are charged with drunk driving are not bad people. They just made a bad decision. We look for ways to minimize the effects of an OVI charge. Our goal in ever case is a reduction of the charges to keep an OVI off of your record or a dismissal. You are not guilty of an OVI / DUI just because an officer says you are.

We represent out of State clients charged with OVI/DUI often. These individuals find themselves in the complicated situation of facing a DUI charge in a strange, unfamiliar location. Many times we can resolve your case without you coming to court.

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Being charged and convicted of a Ohio OVI / DUI is a serious offense.

A OVI / DUI charge is the most serious misdemeanor in Ohio. If you have multiple prior offenses, you could face felony charges. In the event that you are found guilty of an OVI in Ohio– even when it’s your first OVI offense – there is  a mandatory minimum jail time of three days up to 180 days, a minimum license suspension of one year, fines and court costs that may exceed $2,000, as well as six points on your driving license. A conviction could double the amount of your automobile insurance.  In the event that you are charged with an OVI-DUI and are convicted, the conviction will stay on your record for life and Ohio DUI penalties increase each time you are convicted.




When in doubt be certain that you seek the advise of an experienced Ohio DUI / OVI defense law firm.

At Quinn Legal Associates we explain the process in plain words to our clients, go over your options, and fight hard for you. Many of our clients have no idea what to do after they have been arrested for a DUI. This is normal. By contacting a skilled Ohio OVI Defense Attorney you will be taking the right step to protect yourself from the horrible penalties you face.